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Boys Night!

Tim and Johnny take a moment to appreciate guests and the things they've taught us so far this year, and take your calls about what is important to you!

Teaching History in Hostile Times

Tim and Johnny are joined by former Assistant Secretary of Education under George H.W. Bush Diane Ravitch to discuss a calculated, organized attack on our nation's public education system - and by extension, democracy itself.

Don't take the brown ChatGBT

Tim and Johnny are joined by John Warner to discuss the ongoing saga of ChatGBT - the chatbot taking over the world one job at a time.

Filling the void

Dr. Tim and Dr. Johnny are joined by John White, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education for Rural Outreach, to discuss the challenges surrounding providing quality, current education services to every corner of our nation.

Planting the seeds

Growing your own teacher apprenticeship pathways, with David Donaldson from @NatioinalGYO

Script Flipped, you can't teach us anymore

Tim and Johnny are joined by Jess Piper, Executive Director for Blue Missouri, and host of the podcast 'Dirt Road Democrat'. From becoming one with your community to pariah thereof, Jess tells us how her world was changed when she decided to run for local office... as a Democrat.

Resolution : FAILED

Tim and Johnny discuss a new year of challenges ahead, and tear into President Biden's White House for capitulation on student debt cancellation. To shreds, you say?

Prognostication Station

Tim and Johnny prognosticate on a new year of progress and problems for teachers, learners, and everyone affected by the institution of education in America.

2022 wrap party! BYOBustedPencils

Tim and Johnny look back at the rich selection of topics covered on BustED Pencils this year - from student debt cancellation, freshly paved roads to occupations in teaching and 'learning loss' to the amazing guests, the threat AI algorithms may or may not pose and everything in between! E-cubed has a lot of work to do next year, and we can't wait.

Turing the world of AI

Tim is joined by John Warner, educator and advocate, team up to discuss Chat PGT - an AI text generator that's making quite a splash with it's ability to write convincingly 'human' text - will it end creative writing in schools? Will it allow students to cheat, undetected? Or could it help us develop the process of teaching writing?