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“Amicus: A Law Review with Jim Santelle,” Saturday Mornings on Civic Media

March 23, 2024 8:00 AM CDT

Amicus: A Law Review With Jam Santelle Show Art

Waukesha, Wis. – On the 90th episode of the live, statewide Saturday morning broadcast that marries current events with civic understanding, Civic Media introduces Wisconsin to its re-styled weekly show, formerly known as “Morning Cannolis,” re-imagined and re-named as “Amicus: A Law Review with Jim Santelle.”

For nearly two years, Santelle, a former Justice Department official and United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, has been informing, educating, and inspiring listeners with his analysis, review, and commentary on the major news stories of our days.

That Civic Media broadcast tradition in the areas of law, government, and the aspiration of justice now moves into its next, appropriate incarnation—with a renewed and updated version of the show that retains all of Jim’s sharp insight and trenchant commentary inside a new package.

While continuing listeners will recognize and appreciate all of the previous substance and content of the enduring show, they and new participants in the interactive broadcast will be treated to some new aspects—including visual and musical branding and featuring expanded, regular segments like these:

  • “Undiscovered Justice”:  Review and consideration of significant, relevant law-related developments that have not been extensively covered by the mainstream media but that warrant public understanding and appreciation;
  • “Rule of Law Snapshots”:  Brief “headline-type” mentions of non-major events that nonetheless illustrate important points and convey interesting lessons in civics and the delivery of justice;
  • “Microscopic Justice”:  Extensive, in-depth expositions and explanations of major news stores, often including recitations of key quotations and language, intended to educate on civics and the trappings of law in a more focused and intentional manner; and
  • “Law Review Case Notes”:  Invoking typically-seen components of academic law journals but communicated through an unapologetic expression of opinions and the articulation of rational, balanced views on the rule of law events of our times.

Civic Media Chief Executive Officer Sage Weil said: “Our many avid listeners statewide will continue to revel in and benefit from this weekly over-the-air waves dose of education and perspective, now re-imagined to accomplish an even more accessible and engaging broadcast.  

As Jim’s enthusiastic audience continues to grow, Civic Media embraces this next evolutionary movement forward as a pivotal component of its commitment to our community—interested in and inspired by balanced understanding, rational assessment, and focused appreciation of the all-important works and activities of our legal, governmental, and justice-based institutions.”

“Amicus: A Law Review with Jim Santelle” is heard live every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on these broadcast stations of Civic Media:

  • WAUK/Waukesha: “The ‘Sha” (101.1 FM/540 AM)
  • WMDX/Madison: “Mad Radio” (92.7 FM/1580 AM)
  • WXCO/Wausau: “Bull Falls Radio” (98.9 FM/1230 AM)
  • WFHR/Wisconsin Rapids: “Locally Grown Radio” (97.5 FM/1320 AM)
  • WRCE/Richland Center: “News from the Center” (FM 107.7/1450 AM)
  • WLAK/Amery: “Lake Air” (107.5 FM/1260 AM)
  • WISS/Oshkosh: “Oshkosh Air Support” (98.3 FM/1100 AM)
  • WGBW/Green Bay: “Talk of Green Bay” (97.9 FM/1590 AM)
  • WBZH/Hayward: “Buzz of the North” (910 AM)
  • WRJN/Racine-Kenosha: 98.1 FM/1400 AM
  • WLCX/La Crosse: “The Eagle” (1490 AM)
  • WCFW/Eau Claire: “The Tap” (93.5 FM)

The show is also available live online and as a podcast on the Civic Media website:


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