A Week of Major Legal News—Reconfirming that the 2020 Presidential Election Results are Fully Legitimate, Not Fraudulent

Feb 18, 2023 | 1h 28m |

Beginning with an extensive review of some major, country-defining events on this day in American history (that continue to reverberate and impact our 21st Century lives)—including the order by President Roosevelt to place in internment camps over 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry as the United States entered World War II against the Axis Powers. Then focusing on an equally extensive series of news items—all affirming, in ways direct and indirect, that the “Big Lie”—that is, that President Joseph Biden did not win the White House in 2020—is just that, a complete and demonstrable fabrication by former President Trump, his most strident (and deceptive) aides, other (equally manipulative) federal and state politicians, and at least one major news media outlet—all resulting in catastrophic damage to individuals, companies, government, and the very fabric of our nation.

Those series of reports include the stunning disclosure (in the context of a defamation lawsuit brought by the Dominion Voting Machines company) of irrefutable proof that the leadership and on-air “talent” of the so-called Fox News Network knew and appreciated fully that the last presidential election was not stolen but nonetheless continued to advance that illegitimate position in its broadcasts—for the purposes of maintaining viewership ratings and its financial status. Arguably the most significant stories of recent days, the recommendation by a special grand jury in Georgia that (unnamed) people be charged with election interference in that state, along with the “imminent” decision of the District Attorney there to charge those actors; the parallel pursuit by Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith of grand jury testimony of the former Vice President and former Chief of Staff in the federal investigation of the January 6 insurrection; the independent report of a Trump-hired research group, also finding no evidence of election fraud of any kind in any of the so-called “battleground states”; and (among the most curiously attractive news items) the apparent intention of the Proud Boys, now on trial in federal court for their seditious conspiracy to overthrow the election results, to call as a fact witness the former President himself—on the theory that it was Trump (and not them) who summoned the violent mob to the Capitol and is thus responsible for the melee that followed.

[N.B.: Reminding all program listeners of a very special series of Supreme Court-focused broadcasts—on Saturday, February 25, March 4, and March 11, updating the work of the High Court in anticipation of major decisions this coming Spring.]