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Jodi Habush Sinykin on Her State Senate Run (Hour 2)

The 8th State Senate District had been represented by Republican Alberta Darling from 1992 to 2022. After her abrupt retirement last month, a special election was called for April 4. Democratic candidate Jodi Habush Sinykin and former state treasurer Sarah Godlewski visit to talk about the importance of the race and others on the spring ballot. Also, state Sen. Brad Pfaff will give his reaction to the State of the State address from Gov. Tony Evers and the Republican response.


  • Hometown Health with Drs. Kristin Lyerly and Timothy Johnson talking about CRNAs.

Finding the Appeal in Today’s Judicial Elections (Hour 2)

Wisconsin Supreme Court elections have become expensive, hard-fought, frequently negative campaigns in recent years. The same could also be happening with races for seats on the state’s Courts of Appeals—but not in one of the districts, where Dane County Judge and former state Rep. Chris Taylor is running unopposed. She and former state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski talk about the benefits and the sacrifices women have to consider when running for public office.


  • Kristin Lyerly, Lucinda Roberts, Kim Shefchik

Raising Ourselves Up by Lifting Others (Hour 2)

Former state treasurer Sarah Godlewski talks about her new endeavor to highlight and amplify women serving in public service roles around Wisconsin. Also, Barron County pastor Ned Lenhart has a twist on New Year’s resolutions: looking inside ourselves and starting 2023 on the right foot, spiritually. 


  • A warning about the health care shortcomings of so-called crisis pregnancy centers.

Senate debate, Women Win Wisconsin, and more

Senate debate. Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care. Women Win Wisconsin. Section Yellow. Ben Brey is back. Course correcting misinformation.

(1:14) - Senate debate

(29:15) - Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care

(48:00) - Women Win Wisconsin

(1:05:40) - Section Yellow

  • Social Worker and Founder of Section Yellow, John Plageman shares how Section Yellow is an 'oasis' for nondrinking Packers fans.

(1:30:03) - Ben Brey Translates the market

  • Wallstreet vet, Ben Brey translates another painful CPI report.

(1:50:27) - Course correcting misinformation

  • UW Madison Journalism and Mass Communication professor, Michael Wagner talks about misinformation.
  • You can connect with Michael on Twitter and Instagram.

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