Kristin Lyerly

Dr. Kristin Lyerly is an Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist and former candidate for the 88th District of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Kristin Lyerly is featured on the following episode(s).

Florida Man: Ron ‘DiSaster’ (Hour 1)

In the presidential campaign Hall of Shame you’ll find Jeb! Bush muttering, “Please clap.” There’s Scott Walker’s 71-day mark for shortest flameout. Now you can add Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis disastrous rollout on Twitter. We also mark the passing of singing legend Tina Turner. And Joe Zepecki reviews the progress—if you could call it that—being made by Republicans working on a new state budget.

Connecting Some Dots (Hour 1)

Looking at this weekend’s headlines, we notice that some folks do a better job than others at connecting the dots. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is connecting the dots between her work on behalf of veterans vs. GOP plans to cut veterans’ benefits. Others, however, aren’t connecting the dots between the Republican threat to crash the economy and the damage it’s already causing.

Gerrymandering Is Bad for Your Health (Hour 2)

In this week’s Hometown Health segment, Dr. Kristin Lyerly and a guest discuss the impact when a community that wants an improved healthcare system is blocked by politicians who hold power despite not having majority support. By rigging the political maps, they’re able to allow for-profits corporations to control the kinds of care people get—and don’t get—and at a price that drives many to bankruptcy, with its own health impacts.

Never Failing to Fail (Hour 1)

We once thought we were wrong, but we were mistaken. Moments after calling on legislative Republicans to negotiate with Gov. Evers on improving state aid to cities, counties, and towns, we learned the two sides were talking and the governor was optimistic about reaching a deal. But never failing to fail, the Assembly GOP walked away and passed their own modified version of a plan that has no chance of becoming law.

We’ve Been Down This Path Before (Hour 1)

The national news programs have been focused on the southern border and the elimination of a pandemic-era restriction on immigration—but the problems our country faces have been around since long before COVID, and they could have been solved by now were it not for the sabotage done by a few right-wing members of Congress a decade ago.  Also: Cherita Booker with our most clicked-on social media stories. And Dr. Kristin Lyerly checks in for today’s history lesson and music break.