Dan Shafer

Dan Shafer is a veteran Milwaukee journalist, an award-winning weekly opinion columnist, and author of The Recombobulation Area.


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Recombobulate Our State (Oct. 4)

Bryan is off being not-Clark Kent, allegedly. But Luke is back from the road and is getting caught up on everything he missed. Plus, Dan Shafer of the Recombobulation Area shares his breakdown of the State Assembly Races.

"Men with no skin in the game of getting women pregnant."

A push for abortion ban continues. Reckless driving in Wisconsin. Dan Buttery and Sarah Kohlbeck on suicide prevention for veterans. Dan Shafer explains the budget cuts coming to Milwaukee. Emmys recap. Senate candidate Kristin Alfheim.

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  • The Emmy's was last night and we recap some of the night's best moments.
  • Wisconsin Senate District 19 candidate, Kristin Alfheim shares what issues she wants to tackle this election.

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