Max Ink Radio 01-21-23

Jan 22, 2023 | 5h 15m |

Guests: Teri Barr, Jimmy K, Rokker, After August, Blame It On Cain, Steve Draganchuk, Greg Thornburg, Bob Moran, Rippeology, Scott Rippy

Teri Barr, Jimmy K, and Rökker are interviewing and spinning local music from artists around Wisconsin.

- Scott Rippy from Rippeology, a cutting edge meteorologist who combines his web forecasts with foul language (rated G)
- Milwaukee's Blame it on Cain. Vocalist Sam Boettcher and guitarist Steve Draganchuk stop by the studio to perform a few songs and tell us about the new acoustic album "Implied Maturity"

- Not So Live in the Devil's Lair - After August, formerly Getaway Drivers, are in studio to premier new songs from their album along with interview

- Max Ink Heavy with Rökker: Brand new music from Milwaukee's Bad Year and Carbellion